Magical Matcha

One of the gifts bestowed on the world by the Japanese culture just has to be the art of tea drinking! In this regard, green tea is already consumed across the globe but, now we have a supercharged green tea known as Matcha tea and tagged as the “elixir of health!

Matcha tea is the powder that results from grinding the tips of tea bushes that have been sheltered from the sun for the last few weeks of their growth so as to increase the chlorophyll content. This extra chlorophyll provides the emerald green colour of the Matcha powder and there are plenty of reasons to call it “magical”.

A big difference is that this tea is not strained – the powdered leaves are consumed all in!

I have recently started including Matcha powder in my lifestyle as I continue on my organic, healthy lifestyle journey. In fact, magic Macha is a new Jo Wood favourite, being a natural source of healing with health and medical benefits.

I was introduced to this superfood when a generous supplier provided Matcha tea powder samples (in beautiful little tins as this product must be shielded from direct light) for the guests at my Fortnum & Mason launch of Jo Wood Organics beauty products.

This very fine, dark green powder that makes a cup of tea the colour of bright green water paint, immediately sparked my interest – now it’s a regular part of my organic lifestyle. The health benefits are simply immense!

I have since introduced many friends and family members to Matcha tea and it would be quite normal to see us sipping a cup of this beautiful, green liquid! It’s beautiful to look at even before you take a sip. Just put one teaspoon of the powder into a cup, make a paste with a little water and then fill your cup with pre-boiling water. You’re doing your body a great favour!

And I love to add a squeeze of lemon juice, a slip of ginger, a teaspoon of honey, a shake of cayenne or a slice of turmeric root. Or, I add my Matcha powder to fresh organic carrot or apple juice, blended with tasty cashews – yum! In this way, every cup of Matcha tea is a powerhouse of natural, organic goodness!

There are of course also many ways for you to incorporate Matcha into recipes but, I am more inclined to use it as a tea, in juices or in smoothies. Think of a strawberry, banana-chocolate, fruit or any yoghurt smoothie with a teaspoon of Matcha powder slipped in….. mmm!

Its benefits are many and include being an immune booster, increasing energy and endurance, boosting memory and focus and increasing one’s metabolism to burn more calories. All this, plus being an “enhancer of calm” due to the high amount of an amino acid (called L-Theanine) that is contained in the leaves of the tea bush.

This promotes a feeling of relaxation without feeling drowsy and unable to function. It’s just a beautiful feeling of calmness and wellbeing…much needed in our stressful world of illness, hectic schedules, demanding jobs, long commutes and news bulletins bearing bad news and negativity. Spend a quiet and thoughtful moment when you sip this tea….giving thanks for everything that you have.

What’s more to want than this?

Matcha powder is also very high in antioxidants which is something that we all need and that can also be found in dark chocolate, green veggies and some fruits, amongst others. Catechins and EGCs are supercharged antioxidants and Matcha powder contains so much of these that it can be called a supercharged antioxidant! Did I say this is a magical gift from nature?

I have also learnt that Matcha powder (if taken regularly) is effective in lowering bad cholesterol and improving good cholesterol.

In my lifestyle, I include Matcha tea mainly when I’m feeling a bit “flat” or “low”. I visualise it helping to detoxify my body, boost my energy and concentration and letting that wonderful feeling of calm come over me. I am always so grateful for these wonderful benefits, as I am for everything in my life! At the same time I know that each teaspoon of Matcha I consume is helping my body to resist disease. What a comforting thought!

Matcha powder is easy to find. Of course I like to be sure that it is organic so I get mine from my trusted health store, to be sure it comes from a quality harvester.

Remember, when pregnant or breastfeeding, always consult your health professional before taking any herbs or supplements, even if they are natural! Be informed about what is good for you as an individual.

Here’s to being organically healthy, assisted by magical Matcha! I hope you will try it soon.

Yours in love, peace and respect!