Jo Wood Profile

As a young girl, Jo saw her mother working as an Avon lady, which inspired her interest in fashion and beauty.

At 16 she left school to become a model, achieving almost immediate success after being crowned the The Sun’s Face of ’72. She worked until she met Ronnie and after a few years together became his PA, as well as styling him for stage and photo shoots.

Her love of the organic lifestyle came from a health scare in 1989, which changed the way she wanted to live. Starting with the food she ate – she learnt everything she could about organic farming – her passion for all things organic quickly turned to products she used on her skin.

Struggling to find organic and natural beauty products that not only looked great, but that actually performed on the skin, Jo took matters into her own hands and launched Jo Wood Organics at Harvey Nichols in 2006, which then went on to launch in USA and Canada.

Jo was on a one woman mission to show the beauty industry that organic products could be luxurious, sophisticated, and decadent and that there were other consumers like her who wanted more of a choice.

Having taken a break from business in 2009 for personal reasons, she’s now back to relaunch Jo Wood Organics with two sensual and exotic fragrances, Amka and Usiku, across Eau de Toilette, Body Oil and Candle products.