Having lived an organic life for the last 20 years, Jo has tried and tested numerous organic food products… Here, she shares with you three of her favourites…

1. Biona Organic Raw Coconut Oil

A staple in Jo’s house, this coconut product is not only a key ingredient in much of Jo’s cooking, it’s also a great skin treatment. Jo notes that “I’m a big fan of natural oil-based products, not only in cooking but as part of my daily beauty regime too… Used in many countries as a beauty essential; just look at all the beautiful Polynesian women who are famed for their lovely shiny long hair and great skin!”.

2. Riverford

“I can’t live without Riverford Organic vegetables; they’re an essential in my house” says Jo. Offering seasonal vegetable boxes, Riverford offer products that are not only organic but also do their bit for food sustainability by reducing waste. Riverford say “We hate food waste here at Riverford, and compared to farmers who supply supermarkets we have very little; selling direct to the customer means that every vegetable already has a home in our veg boxes before it is even planted.”. Big love for Riverford!

3. The Wine Butler

Now… we’re not going to pretend that drinking wine is necessarily the most healthy lifestyle choice, but all things in moderation can be good for you! For this reason, our friends over at The Wine Butler are our heroes; not only do they deliver to your door, but all of their wines are organic. They say “Unlike most supermarket wines, our organic wine hasn’t been made with artificial chemicals or a concoction of additives. So it tastes authentic, pure and of the place it was made”. Just try and hold us back from their wonderful tipples.