Of course it goes without saying that our absolute fave organic christmas gifts are Amka or Usiku Eau de Toilette, but if you’re looking for something else to add to your organic requests for Santa, look no further…

1 Booja Booja Chocolate

The guys and gals over at Booja Booja make some seriously delicious chocolate treats; we’re huge fans of their Fin De Champagne truffles, in particular.

It took some serious mental strength to avoid eating all of these delicious morsels before we’d taken the photos (they didn’t last long after the final shot was taken, that’s for sure.)

Available at Planet Organic, amongst other stockists.

2. Hurraw Lip Balm

For a lip smackingly good moisturising treat, we love Hurraw Lip Balm as a stocking filler Christmas gift.

Available at Planet Organic, they come in a bunch of different types: Almond, Earl Grey, and Coconut to name but a few. Pucker up!

3. FAIR Wines and Spirits

As it’s the festive season, it would be wrong to not indulge in a little tipple… right?! Check out the guys over at Fair Liqueur; they do their absolute best to ensure only the finest and responsibly sourced ingredients are used.

We particularly love their Goji Liqueur, rich in antioxidants, and using Goji Berries sourced from organic farms in Uzbekistan.

4. Organic Hamper Company

Can’t make your mind up enough to decide on one gift? Fear not, at the Organic Hamper Company you can get yourself a whole selection.

We’re particularly keen on the All I Want For Christmas hamper, which includes chocolates, tea, coffee, chutneys and jams amongst other organic nibbles.

5. Chocolate Naive

We know we’ve already covered the topic of chocolate in this blog post, but you can never have enough. Never, ever. So… Please be introduced to Chocolate Naive, who make beautiful, organic chocolate treats, saying “Just as they were hundreds of years ago, cacao beans are slowly rolled and conched to release their extraordinary bouquet of fruits, nuts and flowers in a delicately finished chocolate bar”.

We’re particular fans of Honey, and also the Gourmet Collection; fill your stockings with them, people!